Challenges to the DSLR

The micro-four-thirds system has introduced cameras that have all the characteristics of DSLRs without the reflex mirror system because of the use of electronic viewfinders (and hence they are not actually DSLRs) but currently these viewfinders are not as good as optical viewfinders especially when shooting fasting moving subjects and/or in low light.

In my view, it is just a matter of time before the quality and responsiveness of the electronic viewfinders match (and possible exceed in low light situations) that of optical viewfinders. Similarly, the sensitivity of the sensors will expand to be greater than that of slide film, passing print film and approaching that of the eye (something we currently have to turn to HDR techniques to achieve).

Where though do video and 3d fit into this? I am of the school that feels that a still is often superior to a video. It is striking though that increasingly journalistic photographers are looking to include video clips in their offerings (hence the professionally driven updates to the Nikon D3 in the form of the D3s to include video). 3d is at an earlier stage and presents significant challenges with regard to achieving DSLR quality standards, but it is inevitable.

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