Getting there slowly but surely

I finally decided that I prefer doing portraiture over most other types of photography and whilst I have plenty of experience doing small photo shoots of friends and family and friends-of-friends, I have only just started working with models properly by joining a few modelling sites and seeking opportunities to work with them.

globe-1We met Claire through StarNow website about a week ago and she came for a full shoot yesterday at our house. She was with us for over four hours! What a trooper.

She was happy to work with us as we learnt how best to use the lighting options, stands, reflectors and so on.

I think she was very happy with the results and hope that she will work with us again.

It was also a great family experience as my wife and eldest daughter worked on the shoot with me.

normal_shot1--25 Working with a model (even though she was new) who was helping me develop my skills whilst she developed hers was very liberating compared to working with younger teenagers and some paying clients.

I plan to work with a wider range of models to develop my portfolio and a particular style. Whilst it is nice to be paid for doing photography, at the end of the day it is a hobby for me and taking on commissions tends to keep you focused in the safe zone and not able to try new things out properly which can only detract from a hobby in the long run.

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