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Great shoot today although the start was a little suspect. We do a lot of TFP – trade for picture/print/photos shoots, i.e. a mutual trade between a model and a photographer whereby no money is exchanged but time and skill is given to each other for mutual benefit..

This is especially useful for new models who want to build up experience with shoots before they can start to charge for their time. Similarly, amateur photographers or photographers with limited experience of portrait photography get to practice and develop their skills. Usually both parties benefit because they both get additional material for their portfolios.

Some very experienced models also do TFP work, sometimes just to help out new photographers but also if they want to get something different for their portfolios. Something they perhaps can not get froma commercial shoot.

The model here, Laura, came to us through Purestorm. She turned out not to be 18 (which should not be the case on Purestorm) but turned up with her mother and her boyfriend’s mother (the driver) rather than just her boyfriend who also want a porftolio putting together. I had suspected that she was under 18 and had insisted that she bring a passport with her. She had told me that she was doing so but then turned up with her mother instead.

Some photographers would have through a fit at this point and booted them out. As my wife and I are a husband and wife team and as we have teenage daughters, we were able to go with the flow and produce some smashing work. Obviously we had to steer clear of anything that would not have been age appropriate. Once Laura had got over her nerves though she started to enjoy herself and worked hard. Good results for a first shoot.

This image was processed in Portrait Professional and then tweaked a little in Photoshop and Lightroom before being uploaded. Mostly I do very little processing on the pics I take prefering to get as much right in the camera as possible but I wanted to show her mum the art of the possible. I got suitable "oohs" and "arhs."

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