Learning photography online

(from a reply I posted on a facebook photography group)

There is a huge amount of material online to help individuals learn and improve their photography including academic course leading to recognised qualifications with a number of universities and photography organisations.

The most important thing you can do though, is take photographs. Photography is an art and a skill, and not something you can just learn. You have to practice.

Google is your friend. There are lots of basic introductions to photography – some good, some bad and some that will suit you better than others. The best way is to try a few.

Also, there are a huge number of photography forum and photo sharing sites where you can find other people going through the learning curve and you can learn with them, learning from each other’s mistakes.

one of the newer forum sites I like tied to a couple of magazine, is http://www.photoradar.com/

also, consider getting an account on flickr.com – much better than facebook for sharing and commenting on images and there are thousands of groups dedicated to different aspects of photography including many that provide (mostly) constructive criticism on your work telling you how to get better

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