Missed opportunity of photography in the valleys

I drove home yesterday from Swansea to Telford through the valleys of Wales. Much of the scenery was stunning and a good chunk of my journey was during the so called evening golden hour for landscape photography. So, did I stop for that hour, wander around with my tripod and take some carefully selected photographs?
Nope. I was too tired, not feeling a 100% well, and trying to reserve all of my energy to stay alert for the drive. The only camera I had on me was my compact Panasonic (a Lumix DMC LX3) attached to a small gorillapod.I did stop for a few minutes to stretch my legs, and made a half-hearted attempt to take a few photos with the gorillapod attached to bits of the car but as I did not use the timer (i.e. I still touched the camera at the time the pictures were taken) I kind of defeated the benefit of using the gorillapod. All my photos feature a part view of the car (I was using a wide angle shot) and, as I was in manual mode but not trying very hard, were not that well exposed – should have put the camera into scene auto mode, it would have done a better job.
The sad part is that in a few months, possible only weeks, the beatiful scenery and the wonderful opportunities offered by that golden hour will be a thing of the past as I shall be driving home in the dark, kicking myself for not taking the time out to take some shots properly.I guess this also means I should take my full camera gear with me. Always makes me nervous though leaving such expensive gear in my hotel room or my car (even though the stuff is all well, and expensively, insured).

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