Models and kids

I shall originally scheduled to do three model shoots this weekend but I cancelled the third shoot that was set for Sunday so I could do some work. The afternoon model for Saturday cancelled shortly before she was due because her baby-sitter had let her down. She is very keen to book another session though, so it seems genuine rather than just someone that is unreliable.

The other model shoot, set for Saturday evening, went very well indeed. It became more complex though because my youngest daughter decided she wanted to have a birthday party at our house on Saturday evening and overnight. (Her birthday fails into the summer holiday period, so she often has a late party so her school friends can celebrate with her.)

Fortunately, the model did not mind kids being around and it turned out she had been to the same school as them (she had left five years ago). Given that the school is a selective state grammar school for girls, this is a rare hit. They spent some time talking about which teachers were still there and which had left (most of the teachers she did not like was the jist).

Rather more surprising is that whilst doing her A levels at that school, she had chosen our house for a business studies project and turned it into a leisure centre! She had never actually been to the house. She had since gone on the gain a 2.1 degree in photography at Birmingham University. Happy to be in front of the camera though.

We needed some help on the shoot at one point, so I asked for a volunteer from the party. Several offered. Obviously I chose the quickest to respond. When she walked into the "studio" the model and her complimented each other on how beautiful the other looked.

Once we had done the setup I needed the help on, I offered the helper and the model a chance for a pic together which they happily took up. The model is on our left in red.

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