Nervous model

I discovered today that one of the models I did a test shoot of recently was a little upset with me (had her confidence knocked) because I have described her as nervous at the test shoot on one of my model site profiles where I mention who I have worked with. This aside I had complimented her and said I thought that she would be a great model as she grew in experience. Someone only read the negative bits and react out-of-proportion to the intent … and what’s wrong with being a little bit nervous on a first shoot anyway!

My comment was enough to knock her confidence. So sensitive. Can’t help but feel that if she wants to get into commercial modelling, then she will need to toughen up a bit.

I had not intended to upset her of course. In fact, I see nervousness on the part of a model as being largely my fault. I should be able to get a new model to relax and enjoy a shoot. Well, I am still learning and this all takes practice.

She also mentioned that she found the number of people around a bit of a shock. I do not see models alone but with my wife who also works on shoots and takes photographs as well some of the time. I also get my daughters, if they are around, to help holding lights and reflectors. Most of the models, especially those going to their first few shoots, tell me that the fact that they are meeting a man with his wife and teenage daughters is very reassuring. I clearly have to communicate what to expect rather more clearly.

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