Photo assignment

I really enjoy doing photography. It is great fun, can be done at any time, and generally gives pleasure to many. Getting paid for it is even better. I choose not to take on the high-pressure work and responsibility of weddings (I just do not have the time to prepare given the long hours I work in my day-job).

Taking photos of new and inexperienced models for the cost of providing them with some prints or CDs (tfp or tfcd: trade for print or trade for cd) gives the models something to add to their portfolio to help them get more work (hopefully paid in the long run) is a good opportunity for photographers to develop their own skills, try out new techniques and styles. Generally, I do not put these photos on this blog or my normal photo blogs but instead on model/photographer sites.

Getting enough money to allow me to pay for my hobby is particularly rewarding. Usually, a photographer retains all rights to his/her photos and provides prints/cds to customers under limited licensing arrangements. From time to time, the opportunity arrives to do something a little different. Something where I do not want to post the photos anywhere and am happy to hand over full rights to the customer. I leave you to imagine what this might be.

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