Shooting in the woods

Leaning on a tree

Life has been so hectic over the last few months that the Mrs and me have not had much chance to do model photo shoots. My SO continues to be on duty with St John Ambulance or visiting universities (to continue her studies) on many weekends reducing the opportunities for shoots considerably as we normally shoot together.

However, a model that got in touch with us some months ago and did a quick tester shoot with us got back in touch recently and said she was happy to do a shoot 1:1 with just me. As we had met before and got along well, I decided to go ahead and make a day of it.

Posing with the ferns

Tasha had done a studio shoot before with a white backdrop, so we decided to go the non-backdrop route indoors and outdoors. I went somewhat minimalist and used just a couple of small naked flashes on light light-stands. The desired effect is to produce photos that look as though they have been taken in natural light but which in fact could simply not have been achieved without the aid of flashes (the background would have been overexposed in order to capture enough natural light on the model).

We shot both around the house, in the back yard, by the side of the field next door, and in our own garden before heading off for a quick lunch at a local pub and then heading into the woods. I wonder if any tongues were wagging about me being out with a young woman and not my wife.

Some poses had Tasha sitting in trees, so there was a little bit of familiarity involved in making sure she got in and out of position safely. All completely innocent of cause. One of the advantages of working with someone a little more mature than many of the models we help get started. Tasha isn’t actually someone wanting to be a model, but just someone after some nice photos.

We finished off back at the house, with my Mrs home by now working away on her computer, with one last set of clothes to do a shoot with, namely a bikini. The wet room beckoned. Lighting not great, but we got some halfway decent pics I think.

Processed the photos quickly for a change and uploaded them to our private website. Tash quickly grabbed a few for her Facebook profile.


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