The Great Goth shoot

Another model, another day of shooting. This model was based in Shrewsbury and there are no buses between Shrewsbury and our town on a Sunday so I offered to collect/return her which she readily accepted. 30mins each way. I took my youngest with me and id the details of which she texted to her father when I collected her from outside some reasonable looking flats in a somewhat run-down area.

There was a row of closed-down, boarded-up and graffiti- covered shops opposite the flats. I said that it would make a great photo setting but she told me that I would probably want protection to stop my equipment being stolen.

The model was great fun. She has a number of piercings, and some pretty wacky clothing.

We took a huge number of shots because I wanted to do some composite work like these:



The shoot lasted around 8 hours partly because we were spending a lot of time on the computer. We had a lot of fun. Even had her standing in the kitchen-sink at one point.

Now I just have to find the time to process the photos.

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