Photo Rights

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs taken by the author of this website remain the copyright of the author and all rights are reserved.

Members of the author’s family photo sharing website are usually allowed to make personal use of photos for family and friends for non-commercial. Specific conditions are explained for each album.

Typcially, this reads as follows:

Permission is granted to everyone in the [event party] and their extended families and close friends to print off and use the photos tastefully for non commercial and non competitive purposes. (Copyright is held by me, the author of this site, and my written permission is required for any other use or publication. Model release forms may also be required in some instances although it should be noted that the vast majority of the images were taken in public places.)

Please DO NOT include links to the photo section of this website on any public websites or forums that may be scanned by search engines. We want to keep these images private.

If you REGISTER you will be able to comment/vote on the photos and will also be able to upload individual photos to your own albums to share with others. Your comments would be appreciated.

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