Returned to work

I was only off for a couple of days but it felt longer partly because a) time goes very slowly at home when I am suffering from an asthma attack – ot much I can do but rest and mope about slowly awaiting sufficient breathing capacity to do something useful and not boring; b) feeling that too much is going on at work that need some attention.

Obviously I am not indispensable, but there are only a small number of people focused on delivery who are involved in the overall picture. Plus, as I am not about to leave the project, anything that does not get picked up by me will just end up causing me more trouble later.

I spent Monday in bed but online all day talking to people using the work internal messaging system (Sametime) – I could not actually talk for long – and writing/reading/responding on email.

This meant that on Tuesday I was not as well as I could be but I slept well on Tuesday night and when I woke in the morning could not face another day at home so showered, dressed, packed and headed off in the car at 7am. Got to the Heathrow area by 10.30am with a couple of breaks on the way.

I was still coughing and wheezing my way through the day but I don’t think most people noticed too much.

When I got to the hotel (should have left the office well before 7 though), I did feel very tired and  dropped off for a bit without working my way through my various inhalers and taking any tablets. So now, I am wide awake having had to take them late. I am now buzzing and will do so for a while.

Just to put things in perspective, one of my colleagues suffered from a brain tumour last year. It was discovered in time for her to get an operation (but not enough in time to have not put her life at risk and endured some very unpleasant experiences). She is largely fully recovered BUT deaf in one ear (well, they had to go through some-where) however, a cold causes her problems and there is always the risk of complications.

She showed me photos and videos of her operation. In fact, she blue-toothed them from her phone to my phone during an especially boring meeting so that I could show them to my kids (one of whom had an operation on her head last year). They were fascinated. Oddly, a couple of male colleagues really did not want to look at the images when I offered them a viewing today.

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