Selling our home

I knew this day would come. The day when I reached a certain age, the kids had grown up and left home, and I wanted to consider working less and having more fun.


A large farmhouse style property with 7 bedrooms is clearly too much for a late-middle-age couple. So, it is time to sell the house and move into something more humble.

You can’t just slap up a for sale sign these days and have the estate agent pop your details into their window. No. Nowadays you have to prepare your house for sale, even dress it right!

Our home is, er, well loved. Properly lived in. Kids have been away for years as students, popping back when convenient. I’ve worked away from home a lot. Lucy has also been a student for three years (still living at home) and then got a job away from home for a year. Thus, the house has also been a little neglected.

New_carpet_thorough_first_floor_and_all_stairs._No_wonder_Lucy_Moore_looks_a_little_faded_add_she_contemplates_all_the_fluff_we_now_need_to_gather.Decluttering the house has been a huge undertaking, mostly carried out by Lucy. Phew! We have given away loads of thing through freecycling, been to the tip very regularly (often several times a day), and packed up lots of things we do not need urgently at the moment.

We have also had lots of small building repairs done, most of the inside of the house repainted (including some new wallpaper and some new plaster in a few areas), the window frames repaired and repainted on the inside and outside. Our gravel drive had turned to mostly mud and had a drainage problem, so we have had a new soakaway installed and fresh chippings laid (24 tonnes).

We found that that the en-suite we had built in a wardrobe in the master bedroom in 2007 had not been checked by Building Control so we have had to get that sorted. The inspector had us expose the addition sewage connection and asked for some changes, now done.

We have also just had most of the house carpeted. One reception room, four bedrooms, a study, three flights of stairs and two landings/hallways. Amazing change.

One thought on “Selling our home

  1. We started on the selling journey months ago, and we have not finished yet. I am sure if we all put our minds to it and worked on nothing else then we would be done quickly, but really the most effort by a huge margin has been from Lucy with little help from me.

    Frankly, we do not feel like we are in that much of a hurry. We want a life as well, and as I am currently well into another contract which sees me away a lot, it is not high on the list of fun things to spend our time on.

    At least the house is getting used all of the time, so still have a lived in feel rather than looking unloved.

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