Shifnal Balti

We recently visited a local Indian restaurant for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised by the experience having been disappointed by so many over the last few years. I have posted some positive reviews (copy below). Sadly back-problems preclude me visiting again in the near future.

Excellent food, cooked fresh, presented very nicely. It was a rare pleasure to experience dishes that not only looked different, but tasted different as well and featured a variety of textures. So many places these days use common (often bought in) bases, that everything ends up tasting the same.

The food did take a fair amount of time to arrive, but it was a very busy evening and we had arrived without a booking and been squeezed into a small table. I am willing to wait for freshly cooked food.

We were assured that they would be able to cater for one of our daughters (not with us on this visit) who is allergic to garlic. Not something we have been able to achieve at any other Indian restaurant in the area.

Service was very good. We were well looked after, the staff were alert and efficient.

So many meals have been spoilt for me by having difficulty getting the bill. Gladly, this was not the case in this establishment. The bill arrived very quickly after I asked for it (and it was correct) and the payment was taken quickly.

Not only did we get mints, my wife received a single rose. (Some might think this a little cheesy, but it still works. Also, research shows that things like this on top of the mints improves tips.)

The door was opened for us to leave and we were big farewell. we shall return.

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