Snow bush

Snow bush
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Lovely snowfall in the garden – when I finally took a break from work (on my laptop at home and lots of IM and phone conferences) and took a look outside, this was the view that first greeted me so I turned around and grabbed my camera.

I also took a wander the following day (today) in the woods with the dog and sadly it was already melting.

I enjoy taking a wide range of photos but I guess my main interest is in portraits. My wife is going to have a go at making a backdrop stand and sourcing some suitable material to put on it. In the meantime, I have been looking at Model Release Forms again.

I now understand a lot more. Firstly, it is not me that needs the Model Release Form. It is publishers – it is up to them to obey the law and use images correctly. My only responsibility is to not mislead them. for editorial use and personal use a release is not needed anyway but it is for advertising and other commercial uses. Also, there is a risk without a release that certain uses would come under libel laws and the like (for example, using a photo of a 15 year old in a campaign posted about under-age sex).

Many stock agencies will not accept images without releases though so to maximise the possible commercial potential of a photo it is worth getting one for each photo when practical.

I suppose I had better create one then.

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