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I recently decided that I should broaden my network of contacts and find out something more about people in other cultures and countries, thus I decided to revert to something that I thought of as old fashioned, namely gaining some pen friends, or pen pals if you prefer. Of course, being a computer addict and barely able to read my own writing, there was no way I was going to resort to actually scribing on dead trees. I knew though that I wanted something more that what the social networks tend to provide. So, I did some trawling and found the pen friend concept alive and well in the internet world.

I have joined a couple of sites and already have started to develop some very interesting new relationships.

Naturally, one has to develop a profile to attract attention. I came up with the below.

About Me:

I love a good discourse, on just about any topic, and hopefully we can learn from each other. We probably will not solve the world’s problems, but we can give it a good go.

I am in an Englishman in my late 40s, happily married, father of two, near majority, teenage daughters; project manager of complex technology implementations by day, photographer (all types) in my spare time.

I respect the faith others hold, but am a humanist myself.


If you are just trying to learn English, I am happy to try and help you out.
I want to meet new people, from elsewhere in the world, in different circumstances, in different cultures, with different views.

I like to talk. I like to listen I will discuss just about anything. I like to learn. I am interested in everything.

Ideally, I am looking for long term friendship with people from all over the world that will continue beyond just a few messages. I really appreciate and respect the bonds between people that become friends. I am also happy to have brief interactions with other people along the way and just exchange a few thoughts, experiences and ideas.

Not everyone is looking for long-term friendship, and that is fine, happy to share ideas for mutual gratification and development.

If you want to ask me for money, please feel free to do so. I will not be giving you any, but the discussion should be interesting, for me at least. I love scambaiting, am pretty good at in and very adept and back tracking through the internet, and it keeps the scammers occupied for a while.

I’m not looking for cyber-sex or a new partner or to be converted to another faith either, but no doubt someone will give it a try. Should be entertaining.

Please do send me a message before making a friend request as rejection often offends. I shall be looking for a least at few lines in your profile to tell me what interests you and also will want to know why you have got in touch (what is it in this profile or in one of my forum posts that interested you). Usually I am shallow enough to prefer profiles with at least one profile photo of the author, but for the really shy with an intriguing introduction or profile, I am not too fussy.

If you really want to talk off-site in the first instance, please see my notes that tell you how to do this.

NB. If you profile is empty or has very little information about you, I shall probably decline to talk to you until you have filled it in. I believe the profile is a fundamental part of this sites proposition.

Interests, Hobbies, etc.:

Photography is my main hobby (I took the above photo of a local model in woods near to my home).

Do not have time for much else really. When I get chance, I love to travel on the canals of Britain on a narrow boat, such a great change of pace.

I love:

  1. reading,
  2. theatre,
  3. films,
  4. food,
  5. interesting conversations.

I have been to Stratford a lot recently to see RSC performances. Also recently enjoyed some modern dance shows.

I keep some tropical fish – have three tanks actually. Do not know much about the fish, just enough to keep them comfortable, but I like having them around (not so keen on the regular maintenance of the tanks though).

We have a couple of largeish dogs and I enjoy taking them out for walks. We live in a relatively small town surround by country-side, so fields and trees are never far away.

Favorite Music:

Highly eclectic and constantly varying. Classic, folk, pop, rock.
Whatever. Not a huge fan of opera or jazz though.

Favorite Movies:

I tend to favour the big action, sci-fi films but also enjoy some more
subtle works. I really like The Piano, Children or a Lesser God, but also Matrix, T2. High on the list is Blade Runner (but more because of the book beneath it that anything else). I am very fond of Moulin Rouge.

Favorite TV Shows:

Doctor Who. Addict from childhood, can’t get enough of it since its
revival. Most stuff I can take or leave. I do like scf-fi, bit fed up of all the cop shows and really cannot get on with any of the regular soaps. It is shame this box covers only TV and not radio as I am a BBC Radio 4 addict and love the comedy.

Favorite Books:

I read a very wide range of books and what is a favorite one year, may well not be another year. I also like (auto)biographies and investigative books.

One of my favourites is Philip K Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep – this was filmed as Blade Runner, which I like but which misses out some key elements (as is usually the case in films) of the book. I am also a fan of the Forever War by Joe Haldeman. I listened to an unabridged reading of the Time Traveller’s Wife a few months ago – before the I knew of the film – and enjoyed it a lot.

My recent favourites, also read to me (by a remarkable reader who was able to voice every character very well and distinctly), are The Millennium Trilogy, a series of three (obviously) bestselling novels written by Stieg Larsson. a Swedish writer. The novels in the series are, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets’ Nest, and were first published in 2005, 2006 and 2007 respectively. The first of these has been turned into a Swedish film (well worth seeing) and a Hollywood version is being produced.

I like Lord of the Rings but am not so keen on the works of the author’s friend, C S Lewis.

Favorite Quotes:

The well known phrase A little knowledge is a dangerous
was preceded by something along the lines of Drink shallow not of the waters of knowledge where a greater draft largely sobers, which I much prefer.

I am also rather taken by: If you are not confused, you are misinformed.

The one to live by, attributed to so many, including Abraham Lincoln:It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

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