Solving the ecommerce home delivery problem for online shoppers

I am really glad to have tried out ByBoxUk and will be signing up for the annual plan (less than £1 per week) shortly as it solves a key home delivery problem for me.

The likes of Home Delivery Network (now called Yodel) are very unreliable for home deliveries in my experience, delivering at strange times, being difficult to contact, hard to track, handling goods poorly at times, and certainly reporting delivery attempts that do not seem to fit with my observations.

Like most people with busy working lives, I have no idea when I or someone else might be in at home and able to take a delivery. Even though my home is a large and busy property, often people there are too busy themselves to hear or respond to a knock on the door (particularly if it is a half-hearted attempt to attract attention).

The ByBox solution gives me an alternative delivery address. It is provided by one of the very delivery companies I have a problem with, but as it accepts store deliveries to a major central hub delivery location fully staffed and operationally efficient at goods receipting, it is an easy drop off point for whoever the store has contracted to do deliveries.

From that drop off point, the item(s) are then re-delivered to my drop box, a pin-code protected locker located on a major retail site near my home which I can visit 24×7. This drop off point is again easy for the delivery drivers to locate and use. The lockers come in banks of various sizes, and whichever locker is free and fits the goods is used. The correct locker door opens automatically when I or my wife arrives and enters the delivery specific code that has been SMSes and emailed to me and my wife.

This approach adds an extra day to deliveries, so it now takes me two days instead of one day for most deliveries. Or rather, in most cases, it means I get to receive my goods sooner, as I do not have to arrange, and re-arrange second/third delivery attempts or visit the delivery courier’s local hub at their convenience to make a collection.

It has worked out very well for me on the run-up to Christmas, and I recommend it to all.

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