Sony PS3 rental charge, but no service

I am really hacked off with Sony, or rather with their UK Playstation Store.
I rented a film for the first time a few weeks ago (Robin Hood). It downloaded okay, but I could not play it, said it needed
Eventually called support, they said it would be fixed. A week later, I got a message saying I could download and play it. Was
not convenient for me then.
Following weekend, I found I could download again (in fact, it told me it only needed to download some authorisation/extension
code, which it did easily and quickly). I was then able to play the film. Joy. It stopped after 20 mins, saying it had expired.
Contacted support, they could not fix there and then. Told them to forget it and arrange a refund of the rental fee. Wandered
into town and rented the film on blu-ray for less money!
Week later, get a call from Sony support to tell me that Head Office has declined my request to refund the money. They say they
fixed the problem on the 3rd October, and I then played the film on the 10th, which was 14 days after my original rental.
Hum. I think a small claims court jobbie is called for here just as a matter of principle.

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