Tag to the rescue

Our dog, Tag, gave us something of a “Lassie” moment. She normally sleeps in a large dog-cage at night. This has two simple bolts on it and we secure just the top one at night (both when we go out). This cage is also her bed and she happily goes into it during the day as well as at night.

Last night, my eldest fell ill with a headache becoming unbearable and her temperature rocketing.

Tag barked to attract attention but go no reaction so escaped from her cage, forced her way upstairs and into my eldest’s room, and onto her bed where she again tried to get a reaction from my eldest.

When Tag again little reaction, she headed for the master bedroom, woke my wife up with her attempts to get into the bedroom and when my wife went to the door, Tag walked back to my eldest’s room.

My wife was able to get to my eldest, provide some care and contact the doctor for medical support.

Well done that dog.

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