Joining the iphone world

After year’s of resisting [we are talking Internet years here], I have finally gone ahead and bought an iPhone. This post has been made from it using the iBlogger application.

The first version of the iphone was not so great for Europe as whilst very advanced at the usability level it was behind the state of European mobile comma. No 3G support for example.

The latest model is far better.
I already have a mobile phone and contract from work although I prefer to use my own phone there is no high speed data contract so using an iphone would be a bit pointless. Many colleages have a personal phone as well as a companyn phone, something I have in the past chosen not to do. It is not difficult to teach our work expenses system which numbers are for personal calls and therefore what should be charged to me (small though that that maybe). The size and convenience of the iPhone though has won me over.

The final convincer was the ereader application which have used for years on a Wimdows Mobile PDA to read many books in there electronic form being launched on the iPhone and naturally it being the easiest version to use so far.

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