The art of photography and incredible technology changes to come

How will our art evolve when we have 3d, omni-focus, very large dynamic range, high-speed video cameras rather than single focus, narrow dynamic range, still (and sometimes hd video) cameras?

The development of omni-focus cameras (that is, cameras that can keep everything in sharp focus at all times, with no focusing required) has been talked about in many areas with some details emerging from various universities. That will certainly make life easier for anyone taking photographs, but we will lose one key creative possibility (depth-of-field), which will have to be done in software instead (Photoshop in 2015 maybe?). Maybe the software will be able to understand the depth of the content of a photograph, especially if the photograph is 3d, and we will not need to do manual masking or rotoscoping.

HDR, high dynamic range, is a work-around for the current limitations of digital sensors (not much better than film stock). Sensor technology will obviously improve the light range capabilities in due course. We then need display and print technology to catch up. There are very few HDR displays available and they tend to be very expensive. Thus, most HDR we see is not really HDR at all, but an HDR image that has been mapped back into the more limited dynamic range of most display and print devices that are widely available (where we get the joys of halo effects, etc.).

Casio produced a relatively low resolution high speed camera a little while ago, a niche product that is doing very well. Increased processor speeds, better sensor responsiveness and reduced memory limitations will all come to play to allow us to had high speed to the other capabilities mentioned. I think it is about when rather if. How do you fancy choosing your finely focused, 3d still from 1000 frames a second?

So, incredible improvements in technology are on the way. This is just the technology and no amount of technology can turn someone into an ace photographer (or cinematographer for that matter).

How do you imagine our art will evolve?

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