The 39 Steps

Went to the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry to see an award-winning comedic version of the 39 Steps played by just 4 actors.

Direct from the West End and prior to Broadway comes Alfred Hitchcock’s classic spy thriller, The 39 Steps, brilliantly and hilariously recreated as the smash hit Olivier Award Winning Best New Comedy.

This blissfully funny show follows the incredible adventures of our handsome hero Richard Hannay, complete with stiff-upper-lip, British gung-ho and pencil moustache as he encounters dastardly murders, double-crossing secret agents, and, of course, devastatingly beautiful women.
This wonderfully inventive and gripping comedy thriller features four fearless actors, playing 139 roles in 100 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action.

It was superb although my enjoyment was marred by my feeling unwell with a cough that had got particularly bad at work earlier in the day as well as my fear that I would disturb the whole performance despite dosing up on just about everything going.

We had only decided to go earlier in the week when an email was circulated to members of my my employee social club to say one chap had tickets he could not use. My SO was keen so I put up my hand. We then took the view the kids would also like the show so went online to purchase two more tickets.

I left work earlier than usual (about 4.30pm) and drove from the client office near Heathrow to Coventry with no delays – how often does that happen! My wife and the kids made their way by train from Telford. They had to change at Birmingham and were intended to get some food for my eldest daughter (who had taken so long getting changed at home, she had not grabbed anything to eat) when they realised they needed to take the next connection as the one after was cancelled and would have left them too late for the show.

In the meantime, I had had a wander around near the theatre and found a really nice Indian restaurant called Turmeric Gold occupying a well maintained medieval building full of character and charm. This place seemed to have won lots of awards. They were certainly friendly.

I texted the family to tell them where I was. We had not planned to eat together but as they were due into Coventry at 6.50pm and the play was not until 7.45, we thought we had time for them to joined me for a meal if I ordered for them. The rail-station was only two minutes away by taxi. Sadly, their train was late and they did not reach me until 7.10. I do not think the waiters had ever seen people eat so fast. The food was brilliant so we really must go there another time and eat at a much slower pace.

The journey home was very tiring as I found it increasingly difficult to drive whilst my coughing got worse and worse. As it was motorway all the way, it was not easy to stop and swap drivers (no service stations) plus my wife was also very tired and not used to my car.

Got home in the end though (via. Telford for my wife to collect her car from the station) and crawled into bed for a bad night’s sleep.

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