The cruelty of children

For months, one of my daughters has been looking forward to going off for a summer holiday in France with a friend to stay at the friend’s family holiday home.

Our daughter was a little concerned about telling us about the holiday offer originally as it overlaps with a family booking to see Hamlet in Stratford-on-Avon with David Tennet (i.e. Doctor Who) playing the lead. She had been looking forward to seeing this but two weeks in France looked like a great offer. We advised her to go for the holiday and not to worry about the spare Hamlet ticket.

Since then, we have been looking for another child that would appreciate the show to accompany our older daughter. We finally agreed on someone, a good friend of my older daughter, just a few weeks ago. This friend lives near London so we have had to make arrangements for her and her family to stay with us for a while so she will be able to join us on the theatre night out.

As the time of the holiday in France has got closer and closer, we have been encouraging our daughter to get her friend to get her parents to get in touch to confirm details. Our daughter has been pressing for sometime for this to happen.

Finally, with doubts in our mind, we made the call ourselves this evening. The mother concerned knew nothing of any plans to take our daughter and in fact she and her husband have no plans to go to France this summer.

To be so misled by a “friend” for so long is certainly going to upset our daughter greatly. We had made her aware a little while ago that there must be some doubt about this but she has continued to get strong confirmation from her friend.

Our daughter will now be sitting at our home with the younger daughter and mother of the friend who is taking her place to see Hamlet. Unlike my young daughter’s friend, our daughter will not be willing to disappoint someone else and take away the Hamlet ticket so recently given.

Children can be so cruel!

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