Two new sewing machines

It has been a while since my better-half stopped running her couture-dressmaking business because it was simply getting to be too much work and would have needed her to expand the business and take on a lot of staff – not something she wanted to do.

The sewing machines she already had were all a bit worn out from being used industriously and to get back to sewing for pleasure, after a break of a year or so, a new machine was called for.

We set a budget of £1000 and headed off to Bambers in Manchester to find out what the latest offerings were and to allow her to test a wide range of machines out.

We chose a Janome MC6600P – a medium duty professional model with just the right balance of functionality and serviceability (not too complex with lots of things to go wrong). We got a good price and were ready to go when my delightful partner of nearly 20 years asked to have a look at something called an "expression" – also from Janome. This turned out to be a "sewing machine" that does not use thread. Instead, it uses slightly barbed needles that sort of mesh fabric together for artistic purposes. Looked like fun and we think the younger of our two daughters will like it as well. There was an alternative make but it did not seem to offer any real benefits (and some disbenefits) for extra money.

We were able to get both within the original budget and are now sitting in a hotel nearby with me surfing the net and typing this posting and my wife playing with her new machines.

Why in a hotel? Well, her brother and his wife recently had a baby (their first) which we have yet to see and whilst they live only a couple of hours from us (if that), it seemed like a good opportunity to get away from home and leave the kids to their own devices. I stay in hotels for work most of the time and so have loads of points I can use for free-nights pretty much whenever I need them (bit like being at work for me be the rest of the family seem to like being in hotels).

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