Visiting our new dog

Further to our visiting the Dog Trust yesterday and choosing another dog to join our home, The Dog Trust is due to visit our home later this week to check all is well, the dog likes the house, and that he gets on with our other pets (Tag, a dog acquired from the Dog Trust several years previously; and an ageing but very fit and bossy cat).

The trust encourage you to visit and get to know you knew dog before the transfer. So, we paid him a visit today and were able to take him for a good walk and to let him off to play with us in a large enclosure.

In keeping with our tradition of giving our pets unusual names, we have decided to call this new dog Kitchigui – his current name is Samba, which we are not keen on, not least because it can sounds too like the name of our other dog when called out in abbreviated form (“Tag” v “Sam”) – the new name will usually be abbreviated to “Kitch”.


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