whatever happened to Buzz Out Loud

I am an avid podcast listener, primarily following technology and photography shows plus a wide range of BBC offerings as well. For a long time, one of my favourite podcasts was Buzz Out Loud from CNET which helped me keep up with the tech news in an entertaining but informative way.

I really liked the team on the show of Tom Merritt, Molly Wood and Jason Howell but Tom moved on to create a new show with TWiT called Tech News Today and after a while Jason joined him.  Tom was replaced on BOL by Rafe Needleman who I never really took to but he was subsequently replaced by Brian Tong who, frankly, I find infantile. He seems to have corrupted Molly Wood as well as together the show became almost slapstick and the new content, for me, dropped off dramatically. Recently, the show has gone from being daily to weekly (and it also seemed to have dropped any sponsorship – although oddly the breaks with music leads in and out were still in). No great surprise. TNT remains a daily show, with good sponsorship.

No doubt, Brian is a good journalist, but I just do not like the combination of him and Molly together. Perhaps things will change in the weekly format and BOL will recover its original journalistic integrity and entertainment mix.

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