Long long day

Drive down to Swindon last week was hard because of snow and ice. I now go cross-country from the Telford area down to the M5 near Worcester rather than having to sit in traffic jams on the M6. Trouble is, many of the roads are pretty windy, sheltered, and inclined. There were cars that had slid off the road all over the place.

This week I headed off earlier in darkness and heavy rain and it was still a trial.

Managed to get to the office just after 10am though.

Sadly, our internal meeting at a local hotel started at 5.30pm and did not finish until 11.30. That makes for a really long day.

I had grand plans to go to bed early the rest of the week but completely failed in this mission. Fingers crossed that I actually get around to going to sleep before midnight tonight.

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