New opportunities

I found out on my return from holiday that I shall be rolling off my current project within a couple of months. I had originally expected to be around until at least the end of the year, but a reorganisation of the project and a desire by the client to take on much more themselves again means I will not be required after July in my current role. Potentially there are other roles around on the project but I am more inclined to look elsewhere.

I have enjoyed driving down to Swindon each week since November last year. Certainly a more pleasant journey than that for my previous project which had me located near Heathrow – never fun any day of the week, but especially not on a Monday morning.

The hotel I have been staying is just over the road from the project office, which is a rare convenience.

I might well end up overseas again. Have not do that for a while not least because I am no great fan of flying. It is always interesting to work in another country though.

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