Strange hotel

For reasons that still escape me, there is a hotel about half-an-hour from my current work location that has proven popular with some of the most senior members of our team. They stay there most of the time despite, as train users, needing a taxi to get to/from the place (by contrast, I drive to the client location and stay in a hotel over the road).

They have also selected the hotel for use for many of our off-site meetings. This means 5 hours or so most Monday evenings!

I have stayed there a couple of times but do not like it. Whilst a nice change from the usual corporate hotels I live in more days a week than I spend at home, I find the rooms a little too tight for my liking.

The hotel is closely associated with a local Japanese car manufacturing site (it might even be owned by the Japanese company concerned). The food is Japanese – a nice change from the usual 3663/Brakes (food service companies) fare.

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