I attended an internal training course for a couple of days last week. I had been trying to get on this course for months, but client priorities kept meaning I could not attend. I had heard good things about the training from those who had gone before.

Finally I managed it and have to say I enjoyed it hugely. I have not been on a residential training course for ages and realised. As usual, a key part of the enjoyment was meeting a wide range of other people from around the globe who have to do the same kinds of things as I do but who have a lot of very different experiences from each other that is shared during the course both over food/drink and during workshops. By shear coincidence, I am taking up a new project role from tomorrow and several people already working with my new client were on the course and will be able to help me out.

The course was called Sink or Swim and is focused on anyone with project manager responsibilities (who people who need to understand the Project Manager’s world better in order to work with them more effectively). In any organisation, some projects go wrong, sometimes very badly. Fortunately, my employer is big and experienced enough to be able to right most wrongs and move on but it would of course be better for all of us to reduce the number of problems.

The course was something of a warts and all look at what goes wrong and techniques for avoiding the problems. There was no silver bullet, but a reminder of things we can all do (and probably already do to some extend) and some easier to apply models and techniques to help us mitigate problems before they grow to large to deal with easily.

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