Working from home today

Ah, the joys of telecommuting. I could not cope with working at home all of the time, but I do enjoy the flexibility it gives you every now and then. I am sure telecommuting will change a lot once virtual presence technology has matured and is widely available (this will require more powerful computers). Until then, working using the likes of Google Wave or just shared environments, instant messaging and telephones will have to do the job.

I was able to start early this morning, much earlier than I would normally do during the week, and get some solid uninterrupted work in, leaving me time to take a break (and type things like this). It is sad that so many organisations are still effort focused (or more often time focused) instead of outcome focused. This will surely change in the future as work becomes more fragmented, people follow multiple careers, many more work for themselves, and teams go virtual and cooperate in cyber space.

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