At the Fringe again

Just returned home from a fantastic holiday for myself and Lucy in Edinburgh. We rented a flat in the middle of the city for nearly two weeks, and were able to see dozens of shows at The Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, including the world’s largest Comedy festival. This year, we went by train (via Crewe – cheaper than via Stafford). No long drive at top and tail of the holiday. Fantastic. My last role in IBM before leaving in June was working on a proposal at RBS in Edinburgh. It Read more […]

Seeking the work of others for inspiration

There are times when photograph inspire, times when they just encourage you to give up with no hope of ever getting any good, and other times when you just sit back and enjoy. Fortunately, Trey Ratcliff’s work often falls into the later camp and is one of the best sites on the web for photographers. Posted via email from kyber’s posterous Read more […]

Amazon book reviews and the average reader

I do find it amazing how many book reviews on Amazon claim that the book isn’t for the average reader. To quote from my recent comment on this: I do wonder who this “average” reader is that anyone posting on these feedbacks seems to consider themselves to be above. My guess, and it is no more than that (I have no reliable information on “average” reading abilities in USA or UK) is that the vast majority of basically educated people in the developed world with some secular religious education Read more […]

Kindle and newspaper subscriptions

Newspapers? I have had a Kindle 3 for just a few weeks (early Christmas present) and have done the 14-day free trials of several newspapers. I have decided to use Calibre instead having trialled that in parallel. I leave my laptop running, it downloads Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail and BBC News and sends them to my Kindle around 6am every morning – I will not continue with all of these different news sources, the range was part of my trial. Frankly, I prefer the Calibre versions to the official Read more […]

Music from my time

Many of the social networks and forum sites ask you to populate some kind of profile and those often include a question on what music you like. I always have a lot of trouble with this.  I like a vast vast range of music ranging from classical to some of the latest pop ditties (snigger), from some many countries using a wide range of different instruments (including different ways of using the human voice). Some music moves me greatly.  However, I remember the names/writers/performers Read more […]

Doctor Who

It is no great confession to say that I a fan of Doctor Who. I have been looking forward to the start of a new series with a new actor in the lead role. Today was that day. Much as I loved the work of David Tennant (both prior to Doctor Who, and on stage in Hamlet) I felt he had done as much as he could with the character and I was happy to see him leave on a high note with an excellent body of work with the show as his legacy. Matt Smith is a younger actor than Tennant (in fact, the youngest ever Read more […]

Amazing Human Body

We saw a performance by Traces at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry last night. An acrobatic dance show described on their site thus: TRACES combines high-level circus skills with an electric urban street energy. With disciplines as varied as Chinese poles, basketball, skateboards, classical piano, dance, comedy and illustration, these five acrobats move quickly from one skill to the next, interpreting each in surprising and innovative ways. It was breathtaking. I really like modern dance, especially Read more […]

Borders no more

I was saddened to see Borders in Birmingham this weekend selling off everything including store fittings. Borders has been my favorite book store for a while, especially their out-of-town stores on retail parks. I preferred the style of their stores to those of Waterstones. It also removes one of the more interesting options for ebook readers (as an alternative to the UK dominant Sony devices and the recently arrived international version of Amazon’s Kindle). We were in Birmingham to see Avatar Read more […]

Incest Revelations Will Be Nothing in the Future of Celebrity Biographies [P…

will so called celebrities go to any lengths to promote their wares? Incest Revelations Will Be Nothing in the Future of Celebrity Biographies [Predictions] via Gawker by Brian Moylan on 9/23/09 Mackenzie Phillips is setting the media ablaze with her revelation that she had sex with her father. Having come this far, just what will celebrity biographies have to confess to get attention a… Posted via email from kyber’s posterous Read more […]

Eat your heart out Rolf Harris

I have just watched something amazing. Sand artist Kseniya Simonova, winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent who, in this YouTube clip drew a series of pictures on an illuminated sand table showing how ordinary people were affected by the German invasion during World War II. [youtube 518XP8prwZo] The Daily Telegraph had an article on the performance as well. Read more […]