My first Audi

I thought, back in November, that I had found the right car when I returned to the old style Mercedes S-Class. Several months on an I found myself taking a contract that required me to travel over the Brecon Beacons every week. One trip with Lucy convinced us we did not have the right car. This time, we decided to go for both some luxury and fantastic driving capability able to handle with ease very windy roads and adverse weather conditions. After trying not a lot of cars, we came to an Read more […]

Back to old style Mercedes

I have just bought a 1993 Mercedes S-Class LWB S500 W140, with 85,000 miles on the clock. Cost me £2800 ($4372). It was a joy to look out of my bedroom window the following morning and see it sat at the back of the rest of the family vehicles. A great trick of perspective makes it look smaller than the other cars, until you start to adjust and notice its size against the large double garage I parked it next to. This is my second W140. I had a later model SWB S280 around 10 years ago that I Read more […]

Tunnel Vision

  Had a great day yesterday, enjoying a long tour through tunnels and locks on canals around Dudley with the Dudley Canal Trust, followed by a meal at Mad O’Rourke’s famous pie factory (pub). and then a drink at The Crooked House. This was a surprise treat from my brother for my recent birthday. My brother had asked me some time ago if I was free on the 4th of June as he had something in mind for my birthday. He wanted it to be a surprise though so would not tell me what it was going to Read more […]

Dangerous tyres

My company car had a service last Friday and when the car was returned I was told in no uncertain terms that three of the tyres were illegal and the fourth was not far off. I was given the number of the mobile service and given the message from the leasing company to use that number or get myself to a Kwik-Fit (which they prefer to use for tyres rather than letting the service garage do it). The service was a little over due, but I have been busy. The leasing company had advised that many services Read more […]

Train, Bus or Car

My youngest daughter has to buy a bus pass each term to cover her travel to/from her college in Telford. This also provides unlimited travel throughout the area every day of the week. Sadly, she lost the pass last week. It costs £5 to get a replacement (about the same as a normal peak-time return) the first time, and around £35 the second time. Fortunately, this is the first time she has lost the pass. She has a letter from the college which lets her travel for a short time on a very limited Read more […]

Car for my eldest

Just drove a nearly new Golf home for my very lucky eldest daughter. She has tried many cars but has been learning in a Golf and it seemed a more practical and longer term proposition than some of the more popular first car choices (such as Fiat 500, Citroen C1) which would not have been ideal for us to drive either. I had a Volvo XC90 that we had hung on to for far too long especially in light of the slump in the popularity of 4×4s. It has had little use since I took on a company car back Read more […]

Roof box

We have a choice of three cars for the journey to Scotland. My preferred choice was to use my company car: the most comfortable for me, the most fuel efficient, and the one I would prefer to put mileage on. However, even though my company car is a modern Ford Mondeo estate, it is smaller than the main alternative: a Volvo XC90 (a 4×4 soft-roader) – potentially the ideal car for some parts of the Highlands. All cars have tow-bars and we have two trailers: a small one and, well, a large one. Space Read more […]

Just in time windscreen replacement

I had to wait until yesterday to get my windscreen replaced. Not great given I had first called it in to Autoglass two Saturdays before. They had turned up at my place of work on Thursday the previous week with the wrong glass (so much for call centre staff training) and found that the glass required was a bit specially and Ford had to order it from Germany. Promised call-backs and updates never happened. Why is it that most service companies seem incapable of staying in touch. I recall when running Read more […]