So much for 24 hour car windscreen replacement

I got a stone chip on my window last Friday. Fortunately it was near the bottom of the screen located centrally between driver and passenger positions. By midday Saturday, a crack had developed from the original strike to a vertical length of around 4 inches. Still not obscuring my screen. I have a company car and window replacement is covered by Autoglass. I am told that they offer a 24 hour replacement services. I called them and they made an appointment to come to me where I work on the following Read more […]

I am not a car snob nor am I am environmentalist

At least, I don’t think I am a car snob. I decided earlier this year to go back to having a company car to save hassle. I chose a Ford Mondeo. This was after having two S-Class Mercedes and a Volvo XC90 as personal cars. I am a big guy and not many cars are roomy enough or comfortable enough for me. I was surprised to find that the Mondeo was more suitable for me than my wife’s Series 5 BMW. I could have gone for a modest engine size. I didn’t. I went with a 2 litre diesel automatic – so not the Read more […]

Car fuel efficiency

I have had my Mondeo company car for a little while now but have not been seeing substantially better fuel performance than I was getting with the Volvo XC90 which is a much heavier car with a larger engine. Typically I was coming in at around 35mpg. Various reviews suggested I should be getting at least 40 and closer to 50. The cause of the problem is, of course, my heavy right foot. I accelerate too aggresively, brake too hard, and generally drive too fast anyway. Given the huge increase Read more […]

New Company car arrived

My first company car for many years – having in the past taken the view that I was better off financially buying my own second hand cars – arrived this morning. Not as fancy as my past few personal cars (Mercedes S-Class x2, Volvo XC90) but brand-new with lots of bells and whistles, better fuel consumption, and clear financial arrangements (no surprise bills – all taken care of).

Company Car

Well, finally done it and returned to the company car fold after years of running my own cars. I have just decided I no longer want the ad-hoc expenses and hassles of running my own car – the tax savings are simply not worth it to me any more.

I have not gone over the top though… just gone for a humble Mondeo and have left behind the fancy Mercedes of the past.