Selling our home

I knew this day would come. The day when I reached a certain age, the kids had grown up and left home, and I wanted to consider working less and having more fun. Time to DOWNSIZE. A large farmhouse style property with 7 bedrooms is clearly too much for a late-middle-age couple. So, it is time to sell the house and move into something more humble. You can’t just slap up a for sale sign these days and have the estate agent pop your details into their window. No. Nowadays you have to prepare Read more […]


I hate gardening. Always have done. Always will. I like the results though, but the doing of of it is just not my thing and I do not believe this is down to laziness so much as just a major problem with boredom. That said, I did enjoy getting a decent bonfire going to get rid of the rubbish the gardener had collected. I suffered afterwards though, not because I burned myself but because I always have asthma problems after spending time near a fire. There is still a lot of gardening to do, so Read more […]

New digs for both daughters

As a parent, I absolutely want my children to grew up, become successful, fulfilled, happy adults in their own right, able to stand on their own two feet. As a parent, I dread the moment my children grow up and leave home. That time has come to pass. Over the last two weeks both of our children have left home. Not like they did to go to university but properly, renting their own places (the first homes of their own) and starting new jobs, both in London. Whilst I am very happy for them, I cannot Read more […]

A new year and a year of change

This year will be one for change for the Moore family. Hopefully, both Zoë and Alexandra will graduate from their universities, following hard on the heels of their mother, Lucy, who graduated with a 2.1 in Physiotherapy last year. Zoë has a vague plan to find somewhere to live with her boyfriend in North London. Of course that depends on finding suitable work, not the easiest of tasks for graduates these days, but the specialist nature of her course with Imperial College will help (hopefully). Read more […]

At the Fringe again

Just returned home from a fantastic holiday for myself and Lucy in Edinburgh. We rented a flat in the middle of the city for nearly two weeks, and were able to see dozens of shows at The Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, including the world’s largest Comedy festival. This year, we went by train (via Crewe – cheaper than via Stafford). No long drive at top and tail of the holiday. Fantastic. My last role in IBM before leaving in June was working on a proposal at RBS in Edinburgh. It Read more […]

Blinded by a bee sting

My eldest daughter was on a two-week field trip to a desert in Spain with her university as part of her Geology course. On the second Friday, she suffered one bee sting to an eyebrow and a second to an eyeball. This would trouble anyone, but it turned out my daughter is allergic to bee stings. She went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed to the ground twitching and struggling to breath. Her face swelled considerably. Fortunately, the field team had good emergency procedures in place and she Read more […]

Second go at university for my eldest daughter

I cannot begin to imagine the feelings one has to deal with when facing starting again at a university one year on from having started elsewhere only to have subsequently dropped out. When the first university was Keele, and the second is Imperial College, the feelings must be even more strange. There cannot be many students who have chosen to have gone to Keele in the first instance, dropped out and then manage to gain a seat in one of the top universities in the country.Zoë took the decision Read more […]

Living in a flat v. living in a hotel

All of my assignments since joining PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting over ten years ago (most of which have been with IBM of course since PwC sold their consulting business) has seen me living in hotels at least three nights most working weeks. Until my last assignment that is. For the last two and a bit years, I have been able to reside in a flat rented on the Marina in Swansea (the photograph shows my view from the patio doors of my flat). Now, whilst Swansea would not be my first Read more […]

Youngest daughter goes to uni

Leaving home for Hull university Alexandra, our youngest child, left home for University in Hull at the back-end of September. She was heading into the unknown, not least in so far as accommodation arrangements were not confirmed because of going through clearing and she was simply advised that she would meet potential landlords and would probably move in on that day. Gulp. We had to get there by 10.30 to ensure we met the landlords. The car was filled on the Friday, and we headed off early Read more […]

A level results day

Last year, Zoë did not worry that much about her A level results as she had chosen to go to Keele Univesity to study Geology and their requirements were, well, not that challenging. Alexandra had rather more at stake to fill her place at Lancaster for Theatre Studies, so she was very worried on results day. I was not a good Father, and was still at work down in Swansea awaiting the text message. When the message came through with bad new late in the morning, I was clearly upset. Immediately Read more […]