Recumbent cycling

I may well regret this, but I have decided to invest in a recumbent bicycle. I have been thinking about getting a bike again for the last couple of years, prompted in part by the Government’s cycle to work scheme that effectively allows you to purchase a bike against gross income rather than net, post tax, pay. I used to enjoy cycling a lot, but I was of course much lighter and fitter then. In more recent years, I have found bikes far too uncomfortable to ride for long, even with so-called comfy Read more […]

Still an asthma sufferer

Although I am a lot fitter now than I was a year or so ago, thanks to a change in diet and much more exercise, sadly I can still get taken out by asthma attacks from time to time. It has been a while since I had a cold that seriously impacted my breathing. I have one now. The cold itself is not so bad (at the moment) – I have had worse colds that have hardly touched by breathing – but is causing me a lot of difficulty. Everything is much harder than usual and concentration lasts for only a short Read more […]

Blinded by a bee sting

My eldest daughter was on a two-week field trip to a desert in Spain with her university as part of her Geology course. On the second Friday, she suffered one bee sting to an eyebrow and a second to an eyeball. This would trouble anyone, but it turned out my daughter is allergic to bee stings. She went into anaphylactic shock and collapsed to the ground twitching and struggling to breath. Her face swelled considerably. Fortunately, the field team had good emergency procedures in place and she Read more […]

We are not sure what it is and need to do some more tests

On my way home one very pleasant evening from Swansea to Telford, I stopped off in Ludlow for a coffee to help me keep awake for the final stretch. I decided I was not too tired to head for to my gym club in central Telford before heading home so I called my wife to check if she wanted to meet me there as she usually does. She told me she couldn’t because our younger daughter, just a few days short of her 18th, probably had appendicitis. She had been checked very regularly by her GP over the last Read more […]

A journey to Gym & Swim

I never thought I would say the following … I enjoy going to the gym. I have been going for around a month now, pretty much everyday for at least half-an-hour. I have also often followed a gym session with a relaxed swim. My diet has also changed. I have had practically no really bad food since I started going to the gym. Weight has started to reduce, a few kilos already, and my body shape is changing. The warning These incredible changes have been brought about as a direct reaction on my part Read more […]

Back to my back problems

I am in pain again, and finding it difficult to do things. The first time I had a major back problems was over three years ago, and I blogged some months afterwards about the experience. Ever since I have had to be very careful and from to time I find even the most minor of movements can unexpectedly cause me pain and threaten a lock-up (i.e. an inability to move with any ease or comfort, most movement bringing on acute pain). Sciatica has been a problem off and on, mostly on, ever since. Read more […]

Lifestyle changes

The age of 40 clearly used to be the turning point on health many years ago, the old saying "life begins at 40" should of course have been "death begins at 40" but fortunately, in most developed nations, mortality rates in 40 have dropped hugely and the majority can now expect to enjoy most of that three-score-and-ten. How many people have made significant lifestyle changes as they entered or went through their 40s? Were you already relatively healthy with a good diet and Read more […]

Working at home

Every time I work at home, I make the same mistake: I forget to take breaks. I do not eat enough (not really a major loss for me) and I end up very stiff with my back hurting like hell from sitting in the same position for to long. I also often end up too cold as I am sitting still for so long. On the other hand, it is nice not to be constantly interrupted and be able to get on and concentrate on some critical tasks. My wife now gets up around 5.45am so she can go for a swim/gym session before Read more […]

Deadly grapefruit

I bought my evening meal from a Sainsbury’s last night on the way to my hotel. I picked up some grapefruit juice by mistake – I had intended to pick up orange, guess the boxes were close together. Wasn’t too fussed though as I like grapefruit juice. Whilst eating my food and enjoying the juice back in my room a little late, I got to wondering why I had not had grapefruit juice for a while. I used to drink a lot of it. It came vaguely to my mind that the statins I take to reduce my cholesterol Read more […]