Any container will do

The technology world has a long history of format battles (often referred to as “another VHS vs Betamax”). Container technology was lining up to be another one. Containers are fundamental to deployment of applications and micro-services in cloud environments. They are taking over from virtual machines (wasteful of resources, harder to cooperatively manage). The dominate player is Docker. Open container project brings together the major players to offer a common standard that will support portability Read more […]

Home Delivery Locker Boxes

Want £50? We use ByBox when we order things on the internet for delivery. Instead of deliveries failing to arrive at our house at a convenient time, they are made to a central distribution centre (the delivery address we provide to Amazon, eBay, etc) and then into one of a set of secure lockers located in a convenient location near to us. You get a text of a pin number that will cause the correct locker box to open when you go to collect. The lockers are accessible 24×7. However, the locker Read more […]

Solving the ecommerce home delivery problem for online shoppers

I am really glad to have tried out ByBoxUk and will be signing up for the annual plan (less than £1 per week) shortly as it solves a key home delivery problem for me. The likes of Home Delivery Network (now called Yodel) are very unreliable for home deliveries in my experience, delivering at strange times, being difficult to contact, hard to track, handling goods poorly at times, and certainly reporting delivery attempts that do not seem to fit with my observations. Like most people with Read more […]

Amazon book reviews and the average reader

I do find it amazing how many book reviews on Amazon claim that the book isn’t for the average reader. To quote from my recent comment on this: I do wonder who this “average” reader is that anyone posting on these feedbacks seems to consider themselves to be above. My guess, and it is no more than that (I have no reliable information on “average” reading abilities in USA or UK) is that the vast majority of basically educated people in the developed world with some secular religious education Read more […]

Secure passwords online

I am often asked for advice on creating good passwords. Usually, as I talk, I get an opened mouth response as people go into shock. The short version, for those who cannot be bothered to read the detail below, is you need to use machine generated random passwords of a decent length that are different for each and every site you use, and that as it is impossible to remember such passwords, use a password management application and service like (free) which can generate and remember them Read more […]

Linux revisited

Once upon a time, I was very familiar with Unix, included the BSD variations (legal wranglings over which triggered the development of Linux by Linus Torvalds) both at the management/operational level and as a programmer. However, as I have mostly used Windows for my desktop activities rather than say an Apple Mac (which is built on a version of BSD Unix – called Darwin, developed at NeXT, the company Steve Jobs ran after he was sacked by Apple long ago) and not touched Linux/Unix much.Back in the Read more […]

Snipping on auctions

eBay is a fantastic place to get bargains (or to be ripped off if not careful) and is especially useful for obtaining things that can not be bought new. The eBay feature that lets you put in your bid limit and then leave it to the system to make sure you always come out on top of any further bids until your limit is reached (assuming people keep topping your bids) is also pretty useful. Most experienced eBay users though wait until near the end of an auction before placing their final bids. Given Read more […]

Yet another photography user group on the web

There are a huge number of photography/photographer user groups on the web. These vary from the highly-generic (e.g. holiday pics) to the very specialist (e.g. macro photography of a particular subject matter using a particular lens/camera combination for example). I am a member of many, a subscriber to a few, an occasional contributor to a good number but a regular poster on a very small number. Those sites requiring a subscription have to offer something very special. For example: tutorials of Read more […]

Not going to return this missed call

Seems I am not the only one getting the odd call from Nigeria. Thing is, I don’t run a booking service for a holiday Gite. I do run a photography business though, but a booking from Nigeria does seem unlikely. Not going to return this missed call via Running a French Holiday Gite in Rural Brittany by Geoffrey on 9/6/09 Picked up my mobile phone this afternoon to notice that I’d had a missed call.I’ve a meeting first thing tomorrow morning with a new customer so was partially expecting that I may Read more […]