just-eat.co.uk poor customer service

I was a regular user of just-eat.co.uk and recommended it to many colleagues who, like me, work away from home a lot, stay in hotels and quickly get fed up of the hotel menus. I did send them some detailed feedback suggesting how they could make their service more helpful to customers like me (adding a receipt option for example) – never got any response on my feedback though. I recently noticed that there was a new option to enable you to store alternative delivery addresses so you can get deliveries Read more […]

Browsing the web using Opera

I keep returning to Opera. I try the other browsers for a while but they just do not seem to work as well or as quickly. Shame it is not that well supported by some popular sites. I do think that its support for web standards is well ahead of the others.

A small update has just been released offering some minor bug fixes and speed improvements.

Blogging with LiveWriter

I have had a few queries about what I use to blog. I currently use Microsoft’s LiveWriter. It is good and free. There are lots of plug-ins available to add facilities. I tend to keep things simple though. I have used most of the desktop blogging tools, some of the web front ends, and a lot of direct entry. LiveWriter supports most of the main blogs though and the main APIs as well which should cover the rest. It also produces reasonable code (unlike FrontPage in the old days). When posting images, Read more […]