Malware by Admin

If your login id/password for your Windows computer gives you FULL access to freely change things on your computer, add applications, etc without being asked for administrator credentials, then you are VERY vulnerable to the latest generation of malware which can infect your computer. Malware is increasingly turning up on major websites rather than just in emails and infects your computer through all sorts of trickery. Over 90% to 95% of such infections can be blocked simply by using a standard Read more […]

A new year and a year of change

This year will be one for change for the Moore family. Hopefully, both Zoë and Alexandra will graduate from their universities, following hard on the heels of their mother, Lucy, who graduated with a 2.1 in Physiotherapy last year. Zoë has a vague plan to find somewhere to live with her boyfriend in North London. Of course that depends on finding suitable work, not the easiest of tasks for graduates these days, but the specialist nature of her course with Imperial College will help (hopefully). Read more […]

Bust boiler

After years of reliable service, our oil fire central heating has failed. My fault. I over pressurised the system  – not that I should have been able to – by leaving on the refill tap to the closed system. The water jacket (apparently) for the boiler sprang a leak and drained the entire system. The boiler it not made any more and there are not replacement water jackets available, so the whole thing needs to be replaced. Getting this done before Christmas is not on. So it will be a cold holiday Read more […]

A new Physiotherapist in the family

After a slog of four years of study, I am delighted that Lucy has finally been awarded her degree 2.1 as a Physiotherapist. We knew when she started on the journey four years ago by attending a local college in order to obtain an Access qualification providing enough points to enter university (past qualifications having expired in usefulness for this purpose) that it would be a hard ride. At least, we thought we knew. Nothing could compare to the experience itself. Physiotherapy is known to Read more […]

At the Fringe again

Just returned home from a fantastic holiday for myself and Lucy in Edinburgh. We rented a flat in the middle of the city for nearly two weeks, and were able to see dozens of shows at The Fringe, the world’s largest arts festival, including the world’s largest Comedy festival. This year, we went by train (via Crewe – cheaper than via Stafford). No long drive at top and tail of the holiday. Fantastic. My last role in IBM before leaving in June was working on a proposal at RBS in Edinburgh. It Read more […]

Review here there everywhere

The great thing about working independently is that I can pick and choose work (consistent with maintaining a certain level of income of course). As Lucy has only just finished her studies and we are both free of obligations for the first time in many many years, I have chosen to take a long break from full time work and carry out only a few selected IT reviews for small businesses within easy commuting distance. In the meantime, Lucy and I have had some fun. It will not last long, so making Read more […]

Kyber Consultancy Ltd is born

After many years, I have finally got around to forming a limited company focused on consulting services I can offer. In keeping with my primary computing identity of the last three decades or so, I have called it Kyber Consultancy Ltd. The strapline for the site is: Independent Consulting on IT Strategy, IT Management, IT Project Management. Kyber Consultancy offers services from very experienced IT professionals with real world practical experience of running IT organisations in business Read more […]

Happy 50th

Absolutely delighted to turn 50 at last. Feels like a proper age, and I can stop feeling like the kid on the block about to be found out to be an imposter. Two fantastic presents. Firstly, and best of all, a new hand-made shirt from my wife, the first for years (she has been too busy studying). Secondly, a motorcycle again. I have been promising myself one of these for years. Also, enjoyed a great meal out on my brother at the King and Thai near Ironbridge with my brother and Read more […]

Moving on from IBM

Two big milestones in my life this year: turning 50 leaving IBM The first was automatic, and as I have been referring to myself as 50ish for a good while, was no big shock anyway. The second was a voluntary decision that ultimately took moments to make after considering it off and on for the last year or so. I have been with IBM for 11 years, and PricewaterhouseCoopers for a year before that. I had no plans to join IBM, but their purchase of the consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Read more […]

Broke my ICE B1I only purchased this a few weeks ago, my first recumbent. Bought as new from old …

Broke my ICE B1I only purchased this a few weeks ago, my first recumbent. Bought as new from old stock under the UK Government's Cyclescheme (tax free). Work commitments, snow & ice, and a knee injury mean I have hardly used it. A few hours only, all on my driveway or nice tarmac covered car parks.Was trying to get good at starting off on less than perfect ground (gravel on my drive) yesterday and turned the handlebars hard when they suddenly sheered away and I pitched over.I have sent an Read more […]