Seeking the work of others for inspiration

There are times when photograph inspire, times when they just encourage you to give up with no hope of ever getting any good, and other times when you just sit back and enjoy. Fortunately, Trey Ratcliff’s work often falls into the later camp and is one of the best sites on the web for photographers. Posted via email from kyber’s posterous Read more […]

TFP shooting for the first time

I responded on a TFP modelling forum to a request for some guidance on a first TFP shoot: Any Advice – TFP Models Try to look at things from the model’Fixes point of view. They do not know you from Adam. So they will judge you on what you say on here. In due course, you will be judged on your work and track record of feedback. Therefore, anything you can do to help them understand who you are and what you hope to get out of a session, how they will benefit and how you will work with them Read more […]

Testing a model

Finding myself in Swansea for a weekend, I thought it would be worthwhile giving a local budding model a chance to do a simple shoot, try out a few poses, get used being photographed. I found one on TFP Models in nearby Port Talbot. The model was only 16, an age group many photographers will not do a shoot with because of modern concerns about paedophile. As the father of two teenage daughters, a former governor of a girls’ high school (five years), and a Stem Ambassador I refuse to bow to media Read more […]

Teaching photography

I was pleased to spend some time around the Swansea Marina with a work colleague last Saturday, and give him an introduction to photography with a DSLR camera. There is much more to photography than learning the mechanics of operating a camera, but it gets much easier to start to learn the art of photography once you have gained a decent basic understanding of how to operate a camera and how to control the elements of an exposure to achieve certain desirable outcomes. It is somewhat akin to learning Read more […]

Workflow to process lots of photos from a shoot using Lightroom 3

After a lengthy model shoot, my wife and I may well have over 1000 images to review, so I would be completely lost without Lightroom – I have had it from the first version, and upgraded quickly when 3 came out having been very pleased with the beta.Workflow wise: I import from the memory card using a saved import template and apply a saved meta template, 2nd copy goes to NAS device on the network. I import into year folder and sub-folder named after the model. Very occasionally I will apply some Read more […]

The art of photography and incredible technology changes to come

How will our art evolve when we have 3d, omni-focus, very large dynamic range, high-speed video cameras rather than single focus, narrow dynamic range, still (and sometimes hd video) cameras? The development of omni-focus cameras (that is, cameras that can keep everything in sharp focus at all times, with no focusing required) has been talked about in many areas with some details emerging from various universities. That will certainly make life easier for anyone taking photographs, but we will Read more […]

Time lapse video

I make no secret of my enjoyment of photography. I readily acknowledge that I am no great practitioner (too much haste, no natural eye), but I enjoy it. I never got into video and on the whole I think for most memories a photograph is more powerful than a video. Of course, a well produced video can demonstrate the highest of photographic standards rather than being just about the capture of some event. I posted some musings on the topic on a photography group on LinkedIn, and amongst the responses Read more […]

Portraiture camera settings

On a photography group on linkedin someone asked for advice on what settings worked best for portraiture. I replied thus: You have great advice, and a wonderful example (which I have made a favourite on flickr).Let me add some basics, apologies for teaching you to suck eggs if you know all this already, but just in case … As stated elsewhere… there is no ideal setting, it depends on what you are trying to achieve. You would be better learning to use natural light first and, in particular, Read more […]

Tips for a model to get a few simple shots with a compact camera

Some advice given to a model who was a little too far away to come to me for a portfolio shoot. Key to starting your portfolio is to get some good basic shots showing you in a few simple poses.I am going to assume that you have access to a basic compact camera, something a bit better than most phone camera (although some of those are pretty good and give you a lot of control). You will get more bookings from photographers on modelling sites IF you have a few simple photos of yourself to show Read more […]