Yodel / HDNL delivery problems

Amazon use HDNL (Home Delivery Network) – also known as Yodel – for a lot of their deliveries. Inevitably, with such a large volume of items being sent out, there are reports of problems and given that delivery times are not to tight slots, there will be times when people are not in when deliveries arrive. However, my own experience of this carrier was pretty bad in that delivery attempts were often claimed when we had been in and seen no sign of anyone. We switched some time ago to using a locker Read more […]

Peace of mind for valuables at the gym

I have for some time been concerned about leaving valuables in the locker at my gym (DW Fitness) – not specifically because of any problems reported at the branches I use but because lockers in such locations are clearly vulnerable and there have been reports of gyms being targeted by thieving gangs. There are not many portable lock boxes with movement alarms around. Frankly, this is the only one I found that looked at all substantial in the UK. It is the Xitel mySAFE. I purchased two, one Read more […]

Solving the ecommerce home delivery problem for online shoppers

I am really glad to have tried out ByBoxUk and will be signing up for the annual plan (less than £1 per week) shortly as it solves a key home delivery problem for me. The likes of Home Delivery Network (now called Yodel) are very unreliable for home deliveries in my experience, delivering at strange times, being difficult to contact, hard to track, handling goods poorly at times, and certainly reporting delivery attempts that do not seem to fit with my observations. Like most people with Read more […]

Boiler serviced at last

Just had our oil boiler serviced for the first time in far too long. It has been difficult to find someone who seems to known what he is doing – the last couple of companies we have used have gone to the wall and poor workmanship has got to be a contributing factor. These days, in light of the Watchdog type reports showing cowboy companies, I always watch the work being done. The owner of Andrews Oil Heating from Wem, Shropshire, who came and serviced our boiler today, impressed me. He clearly Read more […]

don’t forget the discount

I indulged my youngest daughter (just shy of 16) in a little retail therapy today in the rainy delights of Shrewsbury. We found a small boutique shop in one of the covered centres and she and her mother quickly picked out a couple of suitable dresses. The shopkeeper offered my wife a discount on one of the dresses even before she asked, so he was obviously keen to make a sale. My wife spent some time checking the dresses over to make sure that they were well made for their price range (years running Read more […]

New oil tank

Since we moved into our ex-farmhouse some six or seven years ago, we have worried about the old 2000 litre oil tank hidden away around the back of the house. It was old, rusty, and a bit lop-sided. In short, likely to go at any time. Losing lots of oil is not something to look forward to as oil, even a few years ago, is not cheap and cleaning up an oil spill is especially expensive particularly if it gets into any kind of water course. The converted barns behind us, sold off long before we bought Read more […]