Any container will do

The technology world has a long history of format battles (often referred to as “another VHS vs Betamax”). Container technology was lining up to be another one. Containers are fundamental to deployment of applications and micro-services in cloud environments. They are taking over from virtual machines (wasteful of resources, harder to cooperatively manage). The dominate player is Docker. Open container project brings together the major players to offer a common standard that will support portability Read more […]

Why I use a Mac instead of more for your money PC

I recently switched from PC (Lenovo running 8.1 Pro 64 bit) to a top spec Macbook. I know Windows very well. I used to build my own PCs. I expect to reinstall Windows OS every six months. I absolutely understand the specification/price argument. For most purposes though, the higher specification hardware is not called for. Such hardware is over specified. Maybe not if you are doing complex 3d CAD, video processing, etc, but not for general Office and development work. More important for me than Read more […]

Back to Mac

I have switched, properly, to a Mac. I know you can get more for your money with a PC (for which, read Windows laptop these days), but the overall integrity, reliability, and quality of the Apple computers is in my humble opinion unsurpassed although Lenovo’s Carbon X1 comes close. Already, in work situations, I have found the Mac much easier to use without lots of additional utilities and complex configuration than any Windows machine I have ever used. I am still going through the learning curve Read more […]

Malware by Admin

If your login id/password for your Windows computer gives you FULL access to freely change things on your computer, add applications, etc without being asked for administrator credentials, then you are VERY vulnerable to the latest generation of malware which can infect your computer. Malware is increasingly turning up on major websites rather than just in emails and infects your computer through all sorts of trickery. Over 90% to 95% of such infections can be blocked simply by using a standard Read more […]

No future for colour e-ink

With so much action in the tablet space, it is hardly surprising that there is little competition in the e-ink space, as this article by Georgiana Apetroaei makes clear. I am deeply disappointed that we are unlikely to see good quality colour e-ink displays. Clearly, the LCD screen is too compelling a proposition and has far greater commercial promise and hence backing. Whilst monochrome is great for traditional books, I like photography and books on this topic therefore tend to feature colour Read more […]

Peace of mind for valuables at the gym

I have for some time been concerned about leaving valuables in the locker at my gym (DW Fitness) – not specifically because of any problems reported at the branches I use but because lockers in such locations are clearly vulnerable and there have been reports of gyms being targeted by thieving gangs. There are not many portable lock boxes with movement alarms around. Frankly, this is the only one I found that looked at all substantial in the UK. It is the Xitel mySAFE. I purchased two, one Read more […]

Processor upgrade

My main desktop computer at home as been a little neglected for some considerable time. This is mostly because despite my taking what I thought was a lot of care in its various rebuilds over the years, including provididing a very high quality and powerful modular PSU and 8Gb of excellent fast DDR2 memory, it was very unreliable. More recently, I have come to realise that the problem was Zone Alarm. When it expired recently, I was not keen on the deals to renew and ended up picking up a 3-user license Read more […]

Linux revisited

Once upon a time, I was very familiar with Unix, included the BSD variations (legal wranglings over which triggered the development of Linux by Linus Torvalds) both at the management/operational level and as a programmer. However, as I have mostly used Windows for my desktop activities rather than say an Apple Mac (which is built on a version of BSD Unix – called Darwin, developed at NeXT, the company Steve Jobs ran after he was sacked by Apple long ago) and not touched Linux/Unix much.Back in the Read more […]

Kindle failed but Amazon customer service replacing

Wow. I went to use my Kindle this evening only to find the screen frozen. A quick Google showed this was a problem with a small number of Kindles. Went onto the Amazon customer service page, clicked a few buttons to say my Kindle (bought by my wife) had a fault. I was advised to supply my contact number and click the phone-me button, and someone did, immediately, at 11’o’clock at night! Within a few minutes I was advised a replacement would be with me in a couple of days, and asked to return Read more […]