Teething problems with the flat

I have spent my first working-week in my flat in Swansea. What a pleasure it was. A great sense of freedom from life in a Marriot. Teething troubles That’s not to say there have not been any issues. The shower does not work, the bed mattress is a lot on the soft/thin side for me, the TV did not work and the timer for the hot-water and heating is suspect. I also had to report that one of the bedroom wardrobe doors is in need of some attention before it does more damage scrapping the draw underneath Read more […]

Make the Most of Office Coffee – Office culture – Lifehacker

By Jason Fitzpatrick, 10:00 AM on Wed Sep 23 2009, 12,856 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp) Unless you’re very lucky, you’re likely stuck in office that has coffee somewhere between “drinkable” and “intestine-wrenching”. Use this guide to increase the quality of your office-coffee experience. Photo by Stephen Cumming. Office coffee is generally pretty awful. Purchasing a quality Read more […]

Working from home today

Ah, the joys of telecommuting. I could not cope with working at home all of the time, but I do enjoy the flexibility it gives you every now and then. I am sure telecommuting will change a lot once virtual presence technology has matured and is widely available (this will require more powerful computers). Until then, working using the likes of Google Wave or just shared environments, instant messaging and telephones will have to do the job. I was able to start early this morning, much earlier than Read more […]

Early morning ice skating and the dreaded lurgy

I had to take a day off sick yesterday, felt really rough and knew I would not be able to focus on work. My current client and project allows me to work at home on Fridays, which is great as firstly, you can generally get a lot more work done as you get fewer interruptions and can concentrate on tasks more intently and secondly, you get a decent weekend as you are home by late afternoon (or even mid-afternoon if you get up early enough and have not calls scheduled later in the day). However, I Read more […]

A week in Swansea

I moved onto a new client this week, based in Swansea (the obvious guess applies). There is already a large and well established team there from several companies working in some degree of harmony. I was originally expecting to benefit from a couple of weeks handover from my predecessor but as it turned out, this was not to be so and I was dropped into the deep end. Not as deep as it could have been though as many people were still on holiday and there was another colleague who had worked closely Read more […]


I attended an internal training course for a couple of days last week. I had been trying to get on this course for months, but client priorities kept meaning I could not attend. I had heard good things about the training from those who had gone before. Finally I managed it and have to say I enjoyed it hugely. I have not been on a residential training course for ages and realised. As usual, a key part of the enjoyment was meeting a wide range of other people from around the globe who have to do Read more […]

New opportunities

I found out on my return from holiday that I shall be rolling off my current project within a couple of months. I had originally expected to be around until at least the end of the year, but a reorganisation of the project and a desire by the client to take on much more themselves again means I will not be required after July in my current role. Potentially there are other roles around on the project but I am more inclined to look elsewhere. I have enjoyed driving down to Swindon each week since Read more […]

break over

I have had a really nice break from work, mostly resisting the temptation to deal with emails and respond to texts and voice mails. I am looking forward to returning to work tomorrow though as I always hate leaving things in mid flight. It is not so much that I do not trust others as much as I worry that I might have not thought ahead about something important. [Posted with iBlogger from my iPhone] Read more […]