Finally gone down ill

What a horrible couple of days. Felt slightly off colour in the office on Wednesday but it seemed to go away. Went out for a meal (Indian) with a colleague and had a couple (really) of beers. Felt slightly off when we walked back to hotel but went off to sleep okay. Woke up shortly after feeling really ill. After a very rough night, decided to make my way home very carefully rather than trying to get across the road and into work. Slow journey but a relief to get home. Turned out my wife and youngest Read more […]

Long long day

Drive down to Swindon last week was hard because of snow and ice. I now go cross-country from the Telford area down to the M5 near Worcester rather than having to sit in traffic jams on the M6. Trouble is, many of the roads are pretty windy, sheltered, and inclined. There were cars that had slid off the road all over the place. This week I headed off earlier in darkness and heavy rain and it was still a trial. Managed to get to the office just after 10am though. Sadly, our internal meeting at Read more […]

Changing role

After over 14 months working on a major systems integration project for one client, I am finally coming to the end of my work. I have anticipated that I might well move into another role within the project but as my skills tend to have been around more infrastructural based elements, which are nearly concluded, it is a good moment to move on. There are a few niggly technical things to fix before I can move on completely but I can probably do most of these remotely working with some colleagues on Read more […]

Team meal

Something unusual happened last night. A large group of us working as a temporary critical-delivery team went out for a meal together. We went to an excellent fish & chip cum pub restaurant, Mulligan’s Restaurant & Bar. The place had a tremendous, relaxed and easy-going vibe to it. The food was excellent as was the company. I ended up over-eating (no great change there). I was caught out by them giving me a very generous main-course sized portion of fried white-bait as my starter followed Read more […]

Weekend working

I had three model shoots booked for this coming weekend but I have had to cancel one of them as I need to work on Sunday. I have been lucky over the last few months in that I have felt the need to do only the odd few hours work but this time I have been asked specifically to do a particular bit of work to help some others out. Feels different when it is not optional (well it is, but not really). It does need to get done. I get well paid and it is not much to ask from time to time. I suspect my family Read more […]

Hotel dining

I have spent most weekday nights over the last year in a Crown Plaza hotel. I know the room services menu pretty much off by heart. I am allergic to cheese which knocks out a large chunk of the relatively short menu. I think the food mostly comes from the 3663 food services company, which has a large repertoire but I don’t think I had the best offering tonight. I uploaded this picture to flickr so my wife could see what I was dining on. (In case you are wondering, under the chicken there is some Read more […]

My knee hurts

I was in danger of ignoring this for far too long. There was no obvious trauma to explain why my knee started to hurt when I got up after sitting for an hour or so. It first started a few weeks ago and it was a minor inconvenience that I was sure could be walked off. By the end of last week, I was in considerably pain, my knee (the left one by the way) had swelled up considerably, and any walking was very painful. There were even a few occasions when the flash of pain was such that I blacked out Read more […]