Back pains again

I fear my back is about to give in again – I had considerable pain last night and did not sleep at all well. I think maybe the weekend in London with a not-so-good shared double-bed and generall hauling of a trolley-bag around might have done me some harm. It is now just over a year since I first had major problems and had to take six weeks off work. Until just a few months ago, I was in pretty much constant but tolerable pain but that stopped leaving just aches every now and then. Last Read more […]

Weekend break in London – part 3

All together in the Kings Cross Hilton – sometimes I miss the Marriott points more than others and this was one such moment (but the sister hotel of Crown Plaza London Heathrow is, I think, pretty good and better than many of the other hotels in the area so Holiday Inn points it is) – we finally recovered from travelling, work, argument and started to think about food. They had eaten a little (so they told me) on the train. I, on the other hand, was starving. We decided to get out Read more […]

Weekend break in London – part 2

The Sunday of the weekend was reserved for a Christening of my wife’s sister’s son, now one year old. This took place in Orpington. We had no car with us so needed to get to the church from the middle of London. We exited the hotel earlyish and grabbed a taxi to London Bridge. My wife then realised that she had left the present back at the hotel. A quick calculation by me meant I was able to point out that: a) the value of the present was less than the cost of a return taxi trip and Read more […]