Computing AntiquitiesI like change. Change for change’s sake in many cases, providing the cha…

Computing Antiquities

I like change. Change for change's sake in many cases, providing the change is to bring something new to the table such as improved speed, additional features, more flexibility. I am a geek, and I really like technology.

When friends wax lyrical over a classic car, I am cataloguing the disadvantages (I have learnt to do this in my head rather than aloud): no bluetooth, lack of ABS, poor fuel economy, less comfort, poor safety, etc. Similarly, old computers hold little appeal for me. I have been using them for nearly 40 years. Sure, I have fond memories of some of the challenges I have overcome on computers of the past, but I have no desire to play with them again.

I think I understand why this particular item has value though. But I wouldn't pay tuppence.

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