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The huge growth in bot activity on G+ I guess at least suggests that this social network can now be considered a success. Very annoying though and Google need to mature quickly in this area. #stopthebots

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Huge increase in G+ bot accounts?    #Bots  #Spam
My recent ‘followers’ have included Bla Bla Bla,  SEO911 and Your Real Estate Professional for life. I am seeing a huge surge in fake accounts here on G+ lately.
This is a riveting article tracing back to the origins of spam and how thanks to advanced e mail spam filtering ‘classic spam’ no longer exists but has instead mushroomed elsewhere, particularly on social media:
“Meanwhile, the rise of social networking has seen the growth of numerous new types of spam, including the creation of vast armies of fake Twitter followers. If you've ever been suddenly retweeted by scores of obviously fictional accounts, it's because a spammer somewhere is building a stable of fake personas, engaging in plausibly human-seeming online activity, so that he or she can charge someone else money for ostensibly boosting their followership” 

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