Used car purchased nearly on a whim Probably not the best way to buy a car, but I was getting concerned…

Used car purchased nearly on a whimProbably not the best way to buy a car, but I was getting concerned since leaving permanent employment in June and returning my company car that I was too reliant on a recently purchased scooter that would not be practical for longer journey or journeys in bad weather.If I get a client not located near to a railway station, then I will really need a car and do not want to be running around trying to find something suitable at the last moment.What I would really like is a fast hatchback, such as the new Ford Fiesta ST, which I have tried (more fun that the Focus ST, Peugeot 208 GTI, or Renault Clio Sport) but too expensive a purchased at the moment.I spent a weekend at a family gathering where I had the opportunity to tap into my brother-in-law's extensive collection of automotive magazines. Came up with a long list of options for used cars.A couple of days later, on a trip down to London, I decided to wander over to one of the many car lot dealers in the Wembley area and take a look at a few useful suspects I had identified on AutoTrader. I was particularly keen on a car that was not seen as particularly exciting by many car journalists that are very much into "driving".The dealer I found had a lot of cars squeezed into a surprisingly small area, with barely enough room to get around. Naturally, the cars I wanted to try were trapped as far from the entrance as possible, and considerable skill and spacial awareness was demonstrated in moving vehicles around to get my choices out. A few drives later, I had chosen my car and done the deal. Paid there and then with a debit card, and drove off the lot with 7-day insurance to the local Tesco superstore which had a Post Office counter open to 8pm where I was able to pay the vehicle tax (£200 for 12 months). The drive home to Shropshire from London was very enjoyable and my wife, expecting to collect me from the train station, was very surprised.The car, shown in the photo in front of my brother's house, is a Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet 1.6L Dynamique 2007. Yes, the roof comes down! Pretty spacious in the front with very comfortable seats and I find the ride great. Of course, it is not a patch on more sporty cars. I have never had an open top car before. Not really practical when I had growing children. A fun indulgence. As great weather is rare in UK, have to say it is great as a roofed coupe and fooled at least one person into thinking it was a regular fixed roof car that was very desirable in its own right.My local very trusted mechanic is giving it a thorough check over and service as well as fixing a few minor problems next week. #renault  #megane #cabriolet

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