Broke my ICE B1I only purchased this a few weeks ago, my first recumbent. Bought as new from old …

Broke my ICE B1I only purchased this a few weeks ago, my first recumbent. Bought as new from old stock under the UK Government's Cyclescheme (tax free). Work commitments, snow & ice, and a knee injury mean I have hardly used it. A few hours only, all on my driveway or nice tarmac covered car parks.Was trying to get good at starting off on less than perfect ground (gravel on my drive) yesterday and turned the handlebars hard when they suddenly sheered away and I pitched over.I have sent an Read more […]

Humanist response to tragedy

I do envy those of faith at such times. I have been watching coverage of the bombings at the Boston marathon as well as the car bombings in Baghdad both of which showed many at prayer and whilst I do not believe the prayer itself gets a direct response it is clear that those praying do benefit as they feel they are doing something, it provides a practical (to them) way to respond and helps them deal with the issue. That others are praying provides some comfort to many of the victims. That someone Read more […]

Fine refunded thanks to Social Networking

£60 parking fine being refunded thanks to a Google+ post. I left my car for a couple of hours for a full valet at the Park Inn hotel in Telford. A month later I received a bill from Parking Eye for £100 (£60 if pay quickly) for parking on the hotel’s car park without paying. As I had no proof of the valet, I decided to pay up. I know many now argue that private fines have no standing and also realise I could have appealed but frankly I did not want the hassle, and these things can drag on Read more […]

Recumbent cycling

I may well regret this, but I have decided to invest in a recumbent bicycle. I have been thinking about getting a bike again for the last couple of years, prompted in part by the Government’s cycle to work scheme that effectively allows you to purchase a bike against gross income rather than net, post tax, pay. I used to enjoy cycling a lot, but I was of course much lighter and fitter then. In more recent years, I have found bikes far too uncomfortable to ride for long, even with so-called comfy Read more […]

Samsung SIII / Note 2 or Apple iPhone

I was on a forum, and there was a question about which was better. My view: amazing how many responses are just “XXX is better” without saying in what way.    Clearly, there are merits to each phone, and there is no overall objective “better” measure that can be applied.    I use the big brother to the SIII (The Samsung Galaxy Note II, and I used its predecessor). I prefer the Note (and the same would apply to the SIII generally) because:    1. I find the iPhone 4S Read more […]

Yodel / HDNL delivery problems

Amazon use HDNL (Home Delivery Network) – also known as Yodel – for a lot of their deliveries. Inevitably, with such a large volume of items being sent out, there are reports of problems and given that delivery times are not to tight slots, there will be times when people are not in when deliveries arrive. However, my own experience of this carrier was pretty bad in that delivery attempts were often claimed when we had been in and seen no sign of anyone. We switched some time ago to using a locker Read more […]

Playing with a tazer

This story has turned up in lots of places, and might well be apocryphal, but it seems completely likely to me so there is probably some truth there somewhere. Enjoy. The occasion was our anniversary and I was looking for a little something extra for my wife Lynne.. What I came across was a 100,000-volt, pocket/purse- sized tazer. The effects of the tazer were supposed to be short lived, with no long-term adverse affect on your assailant, allowing her adequate time to retreat to safety….?? WAY Read more […]

Still an asthma sufferer

Although I am a lot fitter now than I was a year or so ago, thanks to a change in diet and much more exercise, sadly I can still get taken out by asthma attacks from time to time. It has been a while since I had a cold that seriously impacted my breathing. I have one now. The cold itself is not so bad (at the moment) – I have had worse colds that have hardly touched by breathing – but is causing me a lot of difficulty. Everything is much harder than usual and concentration lasts for only a short Read more […]

No future for colour e-ink

With so much action in the tablet space, it is hardly surprising that there is little competition in the e-ink space, as this article by Georgiana Apetroaei makes clear. I am deeply disappointed that we are unlikely to see good quality colour e-ink displays. Clearly, the LCD screen is too compelling a proposition and has far greater commercial promise and hence backing. Whilst monochrome is great for traditional books, I like photography and books on this topic therefore tend to feature colour Read more […]

Home Delivery Locker Boxes

Want £50? We use ByBox when we order things on the internet for delivery. Instead of deliveries failing to arrive at our house at a convenient time, they are made to a central distribution centre (the delivery address we provide to Amazon, eBay, etc) and then into one of a set of secure lockers located in a convenient location near to us. You get a text of a pin number that will cause the correct locker box to open when you go to collect. The lockers are accessible 24×7. However, the locker Read more […]