The second day

Walking Up at 7am, a quick breakfast and into the car off to Julia’s. Julia and Peter and their daughter (all of whom, I should mention, are unusually tall – not that we had warned Mutty of this) live in an old house on the edges of a typically English village in the middle of nowhere and at the end of half mile long shared private lane. The route Peter has chosen involved clambering over fences (some electric – which the dog discover in the worst way possible), down long unused Read more […]

School Starts. Gukp!

Getting up Host Father had gone off to the airport to fly off to his current client assignment. (Other than holidays and a small amount of sick leave, he has been out of the country every week this year.) Host Mother was left to round up the kids for school. Older Host Sister is always a little reluctant to get up on a school-day morning. Even more so on the first day. Despite having a large house, we have only two bathrooms and only one shower. With three girls in the house, mornings are always Read more […]

The first day

Exercise Host Father was recently persuaded by a friend, Julia, that he needed to exercise more (actually, Host Father already knew this but was very reluctant to do anything about it) and proposed that, as she also needed to take more exercise, every Saturday and Sunday morning commencing at 8am he and she should meet up and take a decent walk. Anyone else interested could go along. This was the second weekend that the exercise programme was in force. It was his turn to go to her house. Julia’s Read more […]